This is the system used by the band Sevendust on their 2001 U.S. Tour. I mixed one of the shows support acts on this system for the tour.


My name is Ray, I am one of the founders of B.D.R.S. and for over 30 years I have made my living as an audio engineer. Early in high school I had the opportunity to work at a 50,000 watt radio station as a DJ, and there got involved in mixing sound. First with commercials and voice overs, and then into live on the air events and productions. These skills lead me in to live mixing , and there into several jobs as an audio enginner, and finally providing front of house mixing for many national and internationally known artists.

Here in Audio 101 we will attempt to answer your questions about sound systems. Topics on basic electricity, signal path, cables, inputs, system components and developing a live mix are a few of the topics we will be covering hear.

There are no stupid questions here, ask away, we have all had to find the answer at sometime in our careers.