Outdoor events just don’t appear, weeks of preparation and construction go into every outdoor event. Production offices must be brought in and connected to power, water and sewer. Tents for hospitality and food, fist aid and security must all be setup. Remote generators must be tied into the system. Traffic flow and parking areas must be established. Signage and barriers  must be placed.

Restrooms, fire access and in even some cases a helicopter landing site, all of this and much more go into the production of an outdoor event.

You may be given a paint brush and told to “paint this”, you may not like the job, you may think “Whats this got to do with anything?”

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at the whole picture.

The following videos show day two of a three day build of the TomCat roof structure. At this point the tower footings have been set and the main arched roof trusses have been brought in and assembled. The next step is the raising of the support towers followed by the raising of the roof and a small portion of the stage build. The total running time of all three videos is about 1:30 minutes. These videos are unedited.



 Photos from the build:

buildlongshotThe device in the foreground is a laser used to be sure that the stage and roof are level.


Once the steel framing has been assembled, the main deck is laid down.


Here we can see how the steel ledgers attach to the upright, and how the main deck sits on the ledger.


Next the top deck (which is painted black to help reduce reflections) is brought in.


 Here we see the top deck being screwed to the bottom decking.


 End of day 3,  shown now with roof attached and Mix platform built