Working security demands skills and techniques that must be learned. Not everyone is cut out for this job, but without security, the show would not go on.

In my career I have witnessed two attempts to breach security that succeeded or almost. The first, a man made it across the barrier between the audience and the front of the stage, he was able to snatch the hat off the head of a well known piano player, and almost make it back off the stage before he was tackled by four security crew.

The second a much more dangerous situation occurred during a performance of a famous funk and soul artist. While the lead singer was standing on a stage extension that went out into the audience, a man, who looked amazing like the lead sing, jumped up onto the stage and flashed a handgun at the crew. He then proceeded to mimic or shadow every move the star would do, as the band kept playing. As the lead sing sang the last note of the song, the intruder shot one round into the ceiling of the venue and and jumped off the stage and vanished into the crowd. We were all very lucky that day.

Every show, all of us who work backstage, put our lives in the hands of security. These professionals are not just muscle, they are trained to evaluate, identify, and control human behavior.