Managers everywhere, but whose got the right answer?

So how does a production ever get booked on tour you ask? Well it goes something like this:

1 Promoter of event contacts acts to check availability.

2. Promoter then contacts venues and establishes tour routing.

3. Promoter assigns a Tour Manager who coordinates logistics with artists representative, venues and promoter.

4. Tour Manager hires supporting services such as sound and lighting companies along with a Road Manager who is responsible for the day to day logistics.

5. The Road Manager coordinates all interaction between the traveling road crews and the venue, and often will be responsible for the show settlement at the end of the night.

6.The Stage Manager works with the Road Manager to to integrate the facilities features and crews with the traveling production.

7. Department Heads are assigned by the Stage Manager to oversee specific areas of the production and to coordinate needed equipment and crews.

8. Department Heads then determine the number of Stagehands needed and sets Load-in call times.

Along with the managers shown above, there are many other departments and crews need to put on a show. Security Managers, Concession Managers, Site or Venue Managers, it can all get quite confusing when you need to get an answer quickly, but follow the chain of command, DO NOT JUMP STEPS! Nothing will get a traveling crew more pissed off than having to answer questions that should have been addressed by other departments. They have enough to worry about, as when that curtain goes up, the buck stops with the road crew.