The most common question that I get asked is “How do I get started”? To that I always reply, “Stay in school, learn all you can!” Skills learned in school such as communication,electronics, art, science, physics and math all come into play when putting on a production. Build up your strength and endurance, this business depends highly on these abilities.

Roadies, who are technicians that travel with the production,  start off as stage hands or stage crew developing their skills in some local venue or club.  By now you have probably figured out which field you wish to get into, be it guitar tech or soundman. Lets take sound for example. First locate every sound company within 50 miles of your location, see which one of them are working the larger shows.

For now don’t worry about resumes or references, find out the location of the shop and walk right in. Introduce your self and that you wish to get into the business. Tell everyone you see that you will be available to do anything and that you are going to start showing up for load in and load out in hopes to replace a missing man. And then DO IT! Find out their show schedule and plant your self onsite an hour before they would load in.

Day of show, reintroduce yourself to those you have spoken too and inform them you are there to help for free. Then step back, stay out of the way, but observe EVERTHING !!!

After the show recheck with the crew to see if you can maybe fill in for a missing stagehand. Keep this up and eventually you will get a chance. Guitar techs or drum techs find yourself a musician, and do the same.

For those of you already working, leave a post, let us know how you got started.