Paramount Theater Portland Oregon 1983

The Beginning:

To learn about Brown Dogs’ Roadies School we have to start at the beginning. Over 30 years ago two teenagers found themselves working together at The Paramount Theater in Portland Oregon as stagehands. Greg (Road Dog Mc Metal), climbed his way up from Stagehand to stage manager to production manager, on to Road Manager and finally Tour Manager over the years working with hundreds of act.  Road Dog is currently working as Head Lighting Director for a well established venue.

I too started as a stagehand and found that my expertise lied in Audio Engineering.

As the years went by and skills were learned, opportunities followed. Several decades and many tours later,we have gotten together again to produce Brown Dog’s Roadie School.

This school is being designed off a trial testing of a Roadie school course that we taught live here in Portland Oregon.  It was a complete success and over 40 students signed up. With their new found skills all 40 students  went right to work on local and touring productions.

We do not find you the job, we just teach you the skills need to get your foot in the door.!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.



“Brother Ray” and “Roaddog”